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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification 2024

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Riproduci video su NLP Dilts Practitioner Certification

Learn NLP with the founder of the Third Generation, Robert Dilts!

The course offers an exciting toolkit for enhancing communication prowess, mastering goal-setting for remarkable outcomes, and most importantly, cultivating an existence brimming with tranquility and inner equilibrium. Embarking on a journey through these techniques unfolds from three distinct vantage points: orchestrator (Guide), intrepid voyager (Explorer), and impartial appraiser (Observer).

Throughout the training, you’ll harness and refine a spectrum of interpersonal aptitudes and strategies. You’ll delve into the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mastering techniques that harmonize seamlessly with your personal growth journey, fostering ecological and considerate growth.

Who is it for?

The course is open to anyone wishing to undertake a path of growth and awareness, aimed at improving the quality of their personal and professional life.

The heart, an emblem of tenderness, self-care, and compassion towards others, intertwines with the intellect, a bastion of reason. This dynamic duo not only embodies emotional intelligence but also underscores the paramount importance of effecting tangible transformations in our reality. These changes steer our conduct towards a course that generates enriched value for ourselves, our fellow beings, and the environment. When united, these two symbols encapsulate the zenith of human expression.

Our Vision radiates with the intent to shepherd individuals on a journey of evolution, engaging both their passionate hearts and astute minds. We ardently believe that nurturing connections with the world around us serves as the quintessential blueprint for a thriving existence in our contemporary era.

“Embrace evolution through heart and mind.”

Structure of the course

NLP Practitioner Certification – Official by Robert Dilts 

NLP Practitioner: Unleash Your Potential

Embark on a transformative journey with Generation III Neuro-Linguistic Programming, where liberation and goal achievement become second nature.

During this immersive course, you’ll master:

• Crafting crystal-clear goals that drive results
• Unveiling strategies to transform aspirations into accomplishments
• Effortlessly accessing the desired emotional state
• Diminishing the impact of negative experiences
• Swiftly forging connections with others
• Shifting from unproductive habits to empowering behaviors
• Resolving internal conflicts that hinder progress
• Amplifying communication efficacy and persuasive prowess
• Igniting self-motivation and inspiring others
• Nurturing and optimizing your inner resources
• Cultivating unwavering inner balance
• Radiating serene influence over others
• Gaining fresh perspectives on reality
• Elevating self-esteem to new heights
• Tapping into latent unconscious resources for problem-solving
• Skillfully utilizing your external environment’s resources
• Mastering Mediation and Negotiation techniques
• Guiding others towards alignment
• Harmonizing conflicting aspects of your identity
• Discovering your personal state of excellence

This NLP Practitioner course, seamlessly integrated with the NLP Practitioner Advanced program, aligns with Robert Dilts’ NLPU training protocol for Basic Practitioner level.

Embrace a spiritual dimension of personal growth through Third Generation Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Over a dynamic 15-week span, you’ll experience live training sessions, practical exam assessment, and receive a prestigious certificate upon completion.

Your participation covers exam fees, comprehensive learning materials, and exclusive access to the course’s video and audio library.

NLP Practitioner: Elevate Yourself

Dive into an in-depth exploration of NLP with a unique blend of pre-recorded sessions featuring Robert Dilts, interactive Q&A sessions with Andrea Di Gregorio, and live Zoom-based practical exercises led by our skilled trainers.

Course Commences: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Spanning both Eastern and Western time zones, the training will be conducted in two sessions: 8:00 am CET and 8:00 pm CET, every Saturday. (Please note, there will be a break on April 8th for Easter)

To ensure you’re well-prepared, you’ll receive pre-session materials from NLPU. Andrea Di Gregorio will guide you through recap sessions, answer your queries, and provide live demonstrations. Your journey will then continue with Debrah Droundy in immersive practice sessions.

Investment: $2,000

Exclusive Trainer-Auditor Offer: $1,000

Ignite your evolution. Secure your place today.

What People Say

Some testimonials from the previous edition

Attending the NLP Course was truly transformative for me. The techniques I learned helped me communicate more effectively, set ambitious goals, and attain results beyond my expectations. I’ve gained a new sense of inner peace and balance that’s positively impacted my relationships and personal growth. This course is a game-changer!

Johnathan K. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The NLP Course exceeded all my expectations. Learning from the three unique perspectives of Guide, Explorer, and Observer was enlightening. These techniques not only improved my communication and relational skills but also empowered me to embrace personal change. I now navigate life’s challenges with a newfound clarity and resilience. Highly recommended!

Emily R. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Enrolling in the NLP Course was a decision I’ll never regret. The heart-mind connection they emphasize resonated deeply with me. This course enabled me to evolve into a more compassionate and rational individual. I now approach life with an enriched perspective, effortlessly adapting my behavior to create meaningful value for myself, others, and the environment. An incredible journey of growth!

Carlos M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
robert dilts

Robert Dilts - Trainer

Andrea Di Gregorio

Andrea Di Gregorio - Trainer

Debrah Droundy - Facilitator

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